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Old Falcons, New Fathers | News

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Old Falcons, New Fathers

ATLANTA -- Safeties William Moore and Thomas DeCoud share more than 25 interceptions and could strike fear in the heart of any opposing quarterback. However, both share something in common that brings even the strongest man to his knees. Both are new fathers. 

DeCoud and Moore have infant children. DeCoud, a 4-month-old baby girl and Moore, a 1-year-old boy. 

According to Moore, the two are "still learning. I'm proud of TD and we talk about it all the time. You know the late nights and we gotta (sic) stay up 3 in the morning (sic) you hear the baby crying. It's a huge responsibility." 

And DeCoud used to go straight to the locker room but, now, his first post-practice stop is the family tent. 

"We got lucky. The four month old is sleeping thorough the night so I thank my lucky stars every night" DeCoud said. 

And with the new babies, the conversation between DeCoud and Moore has changed. Now days, the two chat about changing diapers and teaching babies. But they haven't gone completely soft. Both still hold the same passion for making the big catches and throws on the field. 

"When we get in here were big kids," Moore said referring to the Falcons Flowery Branch training facility. 

Indeed, Moore and DeCoud are two big kids -- who now happen to both have kids. But they still pack an incredible punch, now both on the field and off.