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Community helps grandmother buy food | News

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Community helps grandmother buy food

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- We've done a lot of stories in the past six months, exposing the state's struggle to process food stamp applications. We've shown you dozens of families - hungry - by no fault of their own. But none of their stories seemed to touch viewers, like the story of one grandmother struggling to feed her grandson.

The day we first met Rosa Lee Slaven, neither she nor her 13-year-old grandson, Charlie, had eaten breakfast. When asked about lunch or dinner, she replied, "I have no idea."

Slaven says she submitted three applications to DFCS; each seemed to get lost in the shuffle.


She spent hours on hold trying to get answers, but never got through.

Alicia Harrington has never met Slaven,

"I just thought this is wrong, it's wrong," Harrington said.

Still, she was outraged by her story.

"This is just not right," Harrington said. "She's not asking for a lot. She's asking to eat."

So Harrington reached out, asking how she could help. And other viewers followed, donating what they could so Slaven could go to the grocery store for the first time in two months.

Within minutes, Charlie went from wondering what he would eat to debating what to eat next.

With a shopping cart full of not just food, but truly love, Slaven had nothing to say, but thank you.

"I love it. I thank God for what everybody's doing for me," Slaven said. "This has been a real blessing."

DFCS could not discuss the Slaven's case with us, but while we were there, she did get a call. Her application was approved.