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Petition to stop HOT lane gains strength | News

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Petition to stop HOT lane gains strength

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga -- Response to a petition drive to stop the HOT lane on I-85 has been overwhelming according to the man who started it. Howard Rodgers, who started "Stop the HOT Lane" out of frustration, said he received over 400 emails from people wanting to sign the petition twelve hours after he announced it on 11 Alive News.

He also said he has received a lot of honks on the highway from people who read the back window of his SUV. It reads "Sign the Petition @stopthehotlane.com". Rodgers said the response has been so rapid he decided to start a web page where people can sign the petition on line. "Most of the responses are, 'Hey, I'm with you', 'This is not right'," Rodgers said.

Governor Nathan Deal said the angst of commuters like Rodgers and others will have little if any effect on the HOT lane. He told 11 Alive News he's confident that changes being made to the HOT lane will eventually make it successful. The Governor has requested a reduction in cost and reducing the number of people in a car to ride free from three to two.

"We're trying to adjust it to make sure we eliminate as many of the inconveniences as possible," Governor Deal said. "I think when people actually see what the rates are; they will be much lower than the mandated advertised rate."

Rodgers said he doesn't think the changes will be enough. "The problem with that is they're saying those affects could take up to six months to go into effect," he said. "The other thing that they're doing is they're saying hey, if we wait long enough we'll eventually pay what they want us to pay. And I don't quite think that is fair."

"Stop the HOT Lane" gets into full swing Saturday at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building from 11AM until 2PM. That's where Rodgers is holding a petition drive. If you want to sign the petition beforehand you can link to the organizations website at www.stopthehotlane.com.