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Landscaping theft on video | News

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Landscaping theft on video

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga -- With more and more people protecting themselves against crime using video surveillance cameras; it isn't very unusual to see videos of crimes posted on social network sites or You Tube.

But an orthodontist in Flowery Branch is taking such citizen crime fighting to a new level. Dr. Ron Wilson from Wilson Orthodontics is trying to help police catch two men who stole landscaping from around his new office in Flowery Branch.

He and his staff tried to figure out how they could make their surveillance video stand out. "We put a little twist on it, made it funny so that people will want to watch it," said Wilsons Clinical Supervisor Pam Cole. It's about making lemonade out of lemons."

The surveillance video shows two men in a white pickup truck pulling the shrubbery out of the ground and tossing it into the back of the truck. "Desperate people do desperate things but that doesn't give you permission to take from others that have worked really hard," Cole said.

The orthodontist put together a professionally produced video that included narration, special effects, music and sound effects. It was first posted on the company's Facebook page and then You Tube. "The video in and of itself was really funny," Cole said.


The orthodontist office is apparently not the only target of the shrubbery thieves. The next day nearly 20 newly planted bushes were stolen from Celebration Baptist Church on Thompson Mill Road in Hoschton. 

Jeff Lurie of the iMAC Group is the contractor who installed the landscaping one day before it was stolen. "I've been doing this twenty-seven years and this is one of the first jobs I've ever had that I've had people come in and steal landscaping," he said.

Braselton Police are investigating the theft at the orthodontist office. The Hall County Sheriff Office is investigating the thefts at the church.

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