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HALL | Smart phone makes dumb mistake, locks down 2 schools | News

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HALL | Smart phone makes dumb mistake, locks down 2 schools

OAKWOOD, Ga. -- While Apple prides itself on being intuitive, that doesn't always mean intelligent.

The iPad and iPhone are certainly ingenious, and so are many other smart phones. But the word choices in auto-correct are often not very smart. That's because the feature doesn't seem to understand context.

A similar problem is what led to two schools in Hall County being put on lockdown for a couple of hours Wednesday.

Investigators say a college student was texting a friend that he was going to be at West Hall High. But the auto-correct feature on the phone made a change to the words he wrote.

"Gunna be at West Hall" was changed by the software to say "Gunman to be at West Hall."

We plugged in the same key words on three different iPhones and discovered that they made the exact same mistake.

To complicate matters, police say the student who wrote the text also misdialed and sent that text to someone else. Not knowing what was going on, that person then called 911.

"Our investigators followed up the leads pretty quickly, and they were able to determine that the texts came from a student from Lanier Technical College," said Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks of the Hall County Sheriff's Department. "There was no malicious intent whatsoever; no harm was done. The school was shut down for a couple of hours, and then everything was opened back up."

No names have been released in the incident yet, and it is unlikely that there will be any charges brought.